A List of Social Enterprises You Can Support While You Stay Indoors

A List of Social Enterprises You Can Support While You Stay Indoors

March 25, 2020

With the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases worldwide, health and safety are two of our highest priorities. One of the best precautionary measures is to stay home to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

This is an opportunity to support social enterprises and small businesses by shopping from their range of food and sanitary products. Order them online for yourself or as a care package to your loved ones, and we'll treat you to FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia until April 14, 2020. Use the code WECARE upon checkout.

1. Langit Collective 

Replenish your rice supplies with these wholesome grains. Langit Collective offers different varieties of rice sourced directly from farmers and procured at fair prices. The Malaysian social enterprise retails heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia.

Buy Langit products here.

2. Kinder Soaps

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of infection is washing your hands frequently with soap and water. Kinder handcrafts all-natural varieties that are made from pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Buy Kinder Soaps here.

3. Bario Asal 

Step up your culinary skills with organic spices made from ingredients grown in  Bario, in northeast Sarawak. Bario Asal aims to protect and promote traditional and organic farming practices by producing high-quality food products.

Buy Bario Asal spices and accessories here.

4. Athena Pads

Ladies, consider switching to reusable pantyliners and pads, especially during this time when going to the grocery is not as easy as it usually is.  Athena Empowers is a social enterprise in Malaysia that advocates menstrual health. They produce feminine hygiene products including reusable sanitary pads that are non-allergic to the skin and more absorbent than disposables.

Buy Athena pads here.

5. Muser Coffee Hill

Since you cannot visit your usual cafe, try brewing your own coffee at home. Muser Coffee Hill is a Thai agricultural initiative that promotes cultivation of shade-grown crops in northwestern Thailand. They use beans purchased from hilltribe farmers at fair trade prices to incentivise farming practices consistent with forest rehabilitation.

Buy Muser Coffee Hill beans and filter packs here.

6. Tsaa Laya

Find moments to relax with a cup of Tsaa Laya, a homegrown premium brand of Philippine tea. The herbal farm and tea processing facilities are run by mothers and women who relocated to the countryside due to natural disasters and city development.

Buy Tsaa Laya tea here.

7. Oyez Books

Spend time with your kids by reading to or with them. Oyez Books specialises in Malaysian and Asian-authored children’s books that highlight local heritage and teach positive values.

Buy Oyez Books here.

8. Eats, Shoots & Roots

This is the time to start your own vegetable garden. Start with seed boxes and microgreen kits from Eats, Shoots & Roots, a Malaysia-based social enterprise on a mission to empower urban citizens with the skills and tools needed to grow food. They also have free growing guides that can be accessed online.

Buy Eats, Shoots & Roots seed boxes and microgreen kits here.