Top 5 Products this Chinese New Year

Top 5 Products this Chinese New Year

February 15, 2021

Out with the rat and in with the ox! After a year in lockdown for many of us, we look forward to the positive energy of the ox year, focusing on hard work and honesty to rebuild better.

In Chinese culture, the Ox is often portrayed as a faithful and reliable friend. It’s the perfect time to let your friends know that although you may not be able to visit each other, you can still exchange meaningful gifts that denotes good luck for the year. 

Our team at Destination GOOD has come up with 5 great tips to celebrate this “Ox”picious New Year.

1. Tiffin by Jeiwa Power House

This year is the year of ta-pau food and you can make it more enjoyable with beautiful tiffins. As a gift, they are perfect for adding in Chinese New Year snacks and titbits. 

These limited edition tiffins (available in two-, three- or four-tier options) are hand painted by differently abled women and domestic violence survivors supported by the Johor Empowerment of Intellectual Women Association (JEIWA). 

2. Langit Beras Sia' (Red Rice)

Rice has always been the symbol of nourishment, health and life. There is nothing more symbolic than a gift of rice to your loved ones, especially a brick of Langit Red Rice.

Grown in the East Malaysian highlands by indigenous farmers, your purchase goes directly into supporting the hard work of Langit to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

3. Hla Day Papier Mache Animal (Mini) - Ox

Are you looking to deck out your place to usher in the God of Prosperity? You can’t go wrong with these colourful oxen by Myanmar social enterprise Hla Day.

Made of papier-mâché by Burmese craftsmen, these cheerful beasts of burden will definitely help channel the year’s spirit of diligence and positivity.

4. MUOC CNY Pop-up Card

No Chinese New Year is complete without a lion dance to bring good fortune and chase away the evil spirits. You may not be able to invite a physical troupe this year but you can definitely substitute your good intentions for friends and family by sending them MUOC’s festive greeting card.

Open it and out pops a lion dance troupe!

5. ESR Microgreen Kit - Pak Choy

Are you missing the reunion dinner especially Mum’s signature dish of pak choy and oyster sauce? You can now grow your own pak choy and invite your friends to do the same. ESR’s microgreens kit makes it a breeze to start your own mini vegetable garden as your starter kit contains soil mix and seeds.

Start now and you will soon enjoy the fruits ( in this case” vegetable” ) of your ox-driven labour through the year. 

Whether you are celebrating at home or away from home, we wish you a Happy Chinese “Niu” Year!