Gibbon Conservation Society

The Gibbon Conservation Society (GCS) 's main purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and release Gibbons and other primates that have been rescued from the illegal pet trade. The team works tirelessly to provide the best possible care for all the gibbons at the project and are responsible for all aspects of their husbandry and rehabilitation. Each of the 12 gibbons residing at the project is all at different rehabilitation stages and has individual needs. Some require 24-hour care as the team takes over a surrogate mother's role.  Many will take over 5 years to learn the necessary skills to be safely released back into the wild. 

In addition to that, GCS works extensively within the community through education and awareness programmes to share the best way to protect Gibbons and Malaysia’s natural heritage. All gibbon species in Malaysia are threatened with the risk of extinction. GCS also support vital conservation research on gibbons and other primates in their natural habitats, promote environmental education and awareness and work closely with local authorities and law enforcement to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

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