Kinder Soaps

Kinder Soap

All-natural skincare products handmade using the cold process technique that transforms plant oils into skin-friendly soap.  Made from pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Soaps Range: 


for oily skin that is prone to breakouts

Scent: Fresh eucalyptus scent

Dark Chocolate Mint Patty

for dry skin and prone to itching

Scent: Peppermint with a hint of cocoa butter aroma


for sensitive skin that is prone to acne and flare-ups

Scent: Indulgent fragrance of lavender, roman chamomile, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, and patchouli

Goat's Milk & Honey

for moisture retention in your skin, gentle and safe on baby’s skin

Scent: Unscented. A hint of sweet, freshly-baked ginger biscuits smell may be caught

Summer Fizz

for dry, or mature skin

Scent: Fun, fizzy lemonade scent infused with sweet orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oils


About Kinder Soaps: Kinder is a Malaysian soap company that aims to educate the public on general skincare and strives for environmentally conscious operations.

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