Welcome to DestinationGOOD.com

Welcome to DestinationGOOD.com

May 17, 2019

You’ve arrived at Destination: GOOD by AirAsia Foundation, a marketplace that comprises over 400 products, carefully selected from over 30 artisan groups and social enterprises from around the Asean region. Allow us to tell you how important this platform is in the work we do.

AirAsia Foundation primarily provides grants to social enterprises. Over the years, we realised that more than financial support, many of these organisations needed help in business skills. This led us to developing different ways of working with our grantees including helping them develop brand identities and improve their designs, and connecting them with AirAsia staff for training and volunteer programmes.

The most pressing need we’ve identified, however, was market access. If social enterprises are able to sell their products and services to the market, they would be able to meet their social objectives and their financial ones, even without monetary assistance.

Building the Destination: GOOD shop in Kuala Lumpur and DestinationGOOD.com bridges the gap between these businesses that are committed to addressing different social challenges, and consumers seeking sustainable travel and lifestyle solutions. 

Each product we carry is responsibly made and handcrafted with love. We hope you delight in the treasure trove of stories and the rich expression of culture here.


The AirAsia Foundation team