Social Enterprise Spotlight: En Route Handcrafted

Social Enterprise Spotlight: En Route Handcrafted

February 27, 2020

If you’re looking for attractive and colourful accessories that tell a great story, check the earrings, bracelets and necklaces by En Route Handcrafted. Get to know more about this Filipino social enterprise that advocates sustainable fashion and women empowerment from its founder Yana Santiago.

AAF: Who are the artisans of En Route Handcrafted?

Yana: We train women in Tribu Malagos, a group of indigenous people from different Mindanao tribes. They have had to go through numerous evaluations to become skillful artisans, independently crafting beautiful jewellery and other accessories.

AAF: How did En Route Handcrafted start?

Yana: The team and I thought of making eco-friendly jewelry from materials we found at home, such as t-shirts we no longer use. Our motivations were to create something that's not in the market yet, and make something that doesn't involve single-use plastic.

AAF: What sets you apart from other accessory brands?

Yana: I believe in supporting businesses that value the makers and artisans. En Route Handcrafted gives importance to the artisans by giving them fair wages, and enriching their lives by wellness sessions.

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