IN PHOTOS: Red Corner at REXKL Flower Market 2020

IN PHOTOS: Red Corner at REXKL Flower Market 2020

January 25, 2020

One of the reasons why AirAsia Foundation chose REXKL to be the home of Destination: GOOD is because they share our passion in promoting culture and fostering a sense of community. 

Last January 18 and 19, we celebrated our first Chinese New Year with them at the Flower Market they arranged. The aim of our showcase called The Red Corner was to show the rich culture of different Chinese dialect groups in Malaysia. It featured two parts - an activity area where attendees can learn about different traditions and a food and craft stand featuring social enterprise products.

Check out some of the highlights here:


NASI ULAM MAKING - David Baba Neo demonstrated the preparation of Southern Style Peranakan Nasi Ulam. He shared that he woke up at 3 AM to prepare the ingredients, some of them coming from his own garden! 

COMMUNAL NIAN GAO MAKING SESSION - Dozens gathered to get their hands dirty by mixing rice flour, sugar and water together to make nian gao. After the arm workout, we left the mixture to cook for over twenty hours! 


CHILDREN’S LION HEAD MAKING - One of the most well-attended sessions that weekend was a workshop for kids where they folded, cut and painted carton pieces to come up with their own lion heads.


POTEHI GLOVED PUPPET THEATRE - To end the first day, attendees gathered in front of REXKL to watch “The Journey to the West”. The show was enjoyable to watch, and taking a peek behind the stage at the four aunties and one uncle taking care of the whole production was equally interesting. More than a source of livelihood, they are eager to keep this theatre form alive.


JUNIOR LION DANCE - The second day was opened by junior lion dancers Gareth and Graham who entertained the crowd with an environmentally-friendly themed performance.


WOODBLOCK PRINTING - Keng Hwa Studio from Georgetown, Penang spent the weekend with us for woodblock printing sessions. They have a few blocks expressing fun and light-hearted wishes that guests can choose from including - getting rid of bad vibes, going back from work early, and getting married soon.


COMMUNAL NIAN GAO SCOOPING SESSION - Exactly 22 hours after we mixed and cooked the nian gao, everyone was excited to scoop them into bowls and try them. It was a treat, especially for those who have not tried fresh nian gao before.

OPERA PERFORMANCES - The two-day festival was capped off with two riveting opera performances - “30th Nite, Heaven & Earth” Contemporary Opera, and a Cantonese Opera showcase by The Sound of Tai Hei.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed the Year of the Rat with us! We’re looking forward to celebrating more festivals with you. Follow AirAsia Foundation on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with our events and projects.