Top 10 GOOD Gifts Under RM50

Top 10 GOOD Gifts Under RM50

November 11, 2019

Choose gifts that show how much you care, not only for the recipient, but also for the environment and the makers of the presents! At Destination: GOOD, each product comes with a rich story and is guaranteed to be ethically made. 

More importantly, showing how much you care doesn’t have to cost so much. Here are some of our recommendations for the practical and mindful gift-givers:

Top 10 - Bingka Tea Towel (RM 40)

Bingka Tea Towel

A cotton tea towel that’s both useful and decorative! No matter where the recipient of your gift is based, they will have a piece of Malaysian culture in their homes, with the beautiful silkscreened architecture print.

Top 9 - APE Malaysia Tuff Tug (RM 35)

APE Malaysia Tuff Tug

This present is perfect for your dog-loving loved ones! Their furry friend will enjoy playing with this chew toy upcycled from fire hoses and airplane seat belts. It also contains a squeaker to keep them alert.

Top 8 - Batik Boutique Coasters - Set of 4 (RM 49)

Batik Boutique Coasters

Premium quality and machine washable coasters, made with 100% cotton. If you would like to go the extra mile with your gift, check the other tableware products of Batik Boutique that match the coasters’ design.

Top 7 - Hla Day Papier Mache Wall Head (RM 32)

Hla Day Papier Mache Wall Head

The recipient of your gift will always remember your thoughtfulness when they see this colourful animal head made from recycled paper mounted on their wall. Eye-catching and eco-friendly, it makes a great gift for anyone.

Top 6 - Pringgodani Basket - Wine Cargo (RM 45)

Pringgodani Wine Cargo

This basket is great for carrying wine, but also works well for displaying and carrying other items. 

Top 5 - Cycling Map - Kuala Lumpur (RM 45)

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Map

Any biker will love this limited edition copy of Kuala Lumpur’s first cycling map, which they can use to plan their biking routes and to display in their homes.

Top 4 - Tsaa Laya Tea Canister - Tropical Summer (RM 44)

Tsaa Laya Tea

You can’t go wrong with gifting this canister of tea that combines the tropical tang of mango and pineapple, and the zest of lemongrass. It’s a summer retreat in a cup!

Top 3 - Tohe Eye Mask (RM 29)

Tohe Eye Mask

A gift you can give to kids of all ages! This eye mask will help your gift recipient sleep easier with its thick material that blocks off light and its soft cotton texture.

Top 2 - Rags2Riches Drawstring Backpack (RM 49)

Rags2Riches Drawstring Backpack

Another gift that is suitable for different ages and style preferences is this simple drawstring backpack with a handwoven flap cover. Carrying light essentials around is a lot easier with this piece!

Top 1 - Soggy No-More Sling Bag with Clip (RM 39)

Topping this list of affordable and sustainable gift ideas is this AirAsia Foundation exclusive! This water-resistant sling bag upcycled from life jackets can be used for travels, festivals and outdoor activities, among others.