(L.H Lim) Where the Stars Come to Play


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A boy goes on a boat ride with his father on a quiet moonless night and discovers a magical place where the stars come down to play.

You get to see and experience fireflies in parts of Malaysia. They may not be as exciting as fireworks. They are quiet and you have to be quiet too so as not to frighten them. Because they live near swamps, you have to get to where they are by boat. This is what Azmi did with his father. It is a magical night he will not forget as well as the special time he spent with his father. But we do not see many fireflies today because they are losing their homes to development and pollution. This book is a reminder to us to treasure what we have. Another heartfelt book by the Lim sisters.

Measurements: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (24 pages, Hardcover)

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