Gibbon Conservation Society Disposable Filter Pad

Gibbon Conservation Society

  • Disposable filter (10 pcs)
  • A combination of BFE 99 meltblown fabric and PPE Non - Woven are selected to form a two layer protection against small partical irritants and bacteria in the air.
  • Anti - bacterial
  • Water - repellent

About Gibbon Conservation Society:  GCS or Gibbon Conservation Society is the non-profit organization that supports the functioning of GReP by conducting outreach, fundraising and more. GReP or Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, is the rehabilitation project for the singing gibbons of Malaysia, who are victims of the illegal wildlife pet trade. GReP follows the IUCN guidelines for gibbon rehabilitation and release. Help GReP to send the gibbons back to their homes in the wild so the forest can sing again.

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